Steam Cleaning: Six Easy Steps To A Clean And Odor Free Range Hood

Range hoods are excellent for collecting the grease that escapes during cooking but, they can become built up with excessive grease, dust, grime and germs that make the area retain the odors as well as the germs. A range hood should be cleaned at least once each month to prevent excessive build up. To clean the range hood and rid the kitchen of bad odors steam clean the entire unit.

Items needed:
Steam cleaner
Large towel

Step 1:
Place the towel over the top of the oven to catch any grime and/or water from the range hood.

Step 2:
Fill the steam with the recommended amount of water for the cleaner you are using. Turn on and let the water heat up.

Step 3:
Steam the outside top of the range hood before cleaning the inside to prevent dirt from seeping through to clean areas. Using the detail nozzle, direct the steam into the corners and around the seam connecting the top to the sides. Wipe off each section as you are steaming to remove the excess grime and grease.

Step 4:
Use the soft bristle brush and detail nozzle to clean the sides and top of the range hood. Wipe each area with a sponge or soft cloth after steaming.

Step 5:
Remove the screen and light bulb cover, place on a towel and steam, drying to prevent water from building up.

Step 6:
Replace screen and light bulb cover.

Repeat the previous steps at least one time per month to maintain the range hood. Keeping the hood clean will prolong the life of the range hood, prevent cooking odors from building up and prevent the buildup of dust and grease.

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