Steam Clean a Car During a Water Ban Using Less Than A Gallon Of Water – Optima Steamer Review

This video shows how to steam clean an entire Cadillac CTS with less than a gallon of water. Cool because it shows the comparison between trying to wash it with a pressure washer and traditional methods.

Notice how clean the person stays when using the pressure washer.

The unit pictured is an “Optima” which is a high pressure, high heat unit. It produces a lot more volume and has a lot more “oomph” to it as you can see by the amount of steam. If you’re going to detail whole cars professionally, this is the type of unit you want to buy.

It’s especially handy in area where they have a water ban.

I believe these units are made in Korea and go for $4,000 – $5,000.
Quite an investment, but if you do this for a living I could see where this could come in handy.

Here’s a great review of the unit from a pro detailer – HERE

Haan HS-20 Handheld Steamer Review

Here is a review of the Haan HS-20 “tea pot” style steamer.
These low capacity steamers are pretty handy to use and have a lower cost than some of the “wheeled” units.

Haan HS-20 teapot

Haan HS-20

Haan is a Korean company that makes a few different steam cleaning machines. The HS-20 is the number one selling tea pot style steamer currently on amazon so that has got to tell you something.

Basic Features:

* Lightweight, easy to hold in your hand
* Heats up in about 3 minutes; 15 minutes per fill (about 6 ounces of water – distilled water if you can!)
* Comes with an attachment for steam ironing your clothes, window cleaner, extension nozzle and brushes

First off, the instructions leave a little to be desired. They are a bit vague along with looking like they were translated by a machine. If you’re familiar with the term “Engrish” you’ll know what I mean.

But alas, it’s not too complicated. Simply fill the unit,turn the cap to get it locked down securely and let the little mini “pressure cooker” heat up.

Remember that this is not the world’s biggest unit, so try and conserve your steam. Some people have the tendency to hold the trigger down continuously causing it to run out fast but this is usually unnecessary. You’ll still have to wipe what you steam. So steam, wipe, steam, wipe – seeing how much is left as you go along.

Works great on the stove top, underneath the fridge, around the toilet seat, yard kids toys and the high chair. Anywhere you might not want to spray with chemicals or in nooks and crannies  you just can’t reach. The steamer blows out dirt from hard to reach places (toilet seat hinges anyone?). Remember to use the various brush attachments to help you scrub. You’ll need more than steam to clean the stove top, the steam loosens the dirt and the brush helps scrape it off.

accessories for haan hs-20

The unit is no miracle worker, but works as advertised giving a about 10-15 minutes of steam. Considering the cost at about $60 on amazon I feel you’re getting your money’s worth.

For a little more power I would consider the McCulloch MC 1275 steamer at around $80 which I’ll be reviewing shortly.

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Do It Yourself Jewelry Steam Cleaner

Here is a nice little video I found on using an old espresso machine from goodwill, purchased for about $5.

With a little modification it can used to clean all your jewelry, just like the pro’s do.

Check out your local goodwill ebay or craigslist.

steam cleaner from eBay

Fully functional Espresso Machine - $1

Plus, it still makes espressos!

Cleaning Vehicle Wheels And Tires With A Steam Cleaner

One of the dirtiest and often times most difficult area of a vehicle to clean is the wheels and tires. The wheels are tires are the primary collection areas for mud, dirt, brake fluid and tar. When the tires are dirty it can effect the way your vehicle comes into contact with the road so it is important to keep them as clean as possible. The use of a steam cleaner and green cleaning product will provide excellent results for the tires and be an environmentally friendly way to keep your vehicle looking new. The following easy to follow step by step instructions will have your wheels and tires looking brand new.

Items needed:

Tire brush


Soft cloth

Brake dust remover/tire cleaner(green earth technologies)

Vapor chief or other high pressured steam cleaner

Step 1: Do an inspection of all the tires and remove any loose debris such as rocks or gravel. While inspecting for loose debris, check to make sure the tire pressure is sufficient in each tire.

Step 2: Turn the pressure to the highest setting on the steam/vapor cleaner and spray wheels and tires to remove excess brake dust, dirt and debris.

Step 3: Spray the wheel, tire and wheel well with a good environmentally safe cleaner such as Brakedust Remover Wheel Cleaner available from Green Earth Technologies.

Step 4: Using the tire brush dip in water and gently wipe the tire to remove excess dirt or tar.

Step 5: Use the sponge to wipe away excess dirt and grime from the wheels.

Step 6: Set pressure on the steam cleaner to a medium setting and spray the entire area to remove all dirt, grime, tar and brake dust.

Step 7: Gently wipe wheel and tire with soft cloth to remove any excess water.

Repeat on each wheel and tire.

Bed Bugs: Using A Steam Cleaner To Get Rid Of Bedbugs

Bedbugs are becoming an epidemic in many households. The infestation of bedbugs is a serious and difficult problem to mend. An infestation can start with a simply purchase from a yard sale or auction when you find a piece of furniture for a great price and get it home only to wake the next day with tiny bites on your body. Bedbugs contrary to popular belief, can live outside of the mattress and/or box springs. They can infest a room or an entire home rather quickly if they are not completely killed.

The bedbugs hide and multiply in dark and isolated places that are often unseen. To stop an infestation of bedbugs the entire house will need to undergo a thorough cleaning. The most effective way to completely eliminate the problem, disinfect and prevent future outbreaks is with steam cleaning. To correctly get rid of all bedbugs and their eggs, start by removing all of the bed linens, including the mattress cover. Wash all of the items in extremely hot water and do not replace until completely through cleaning.

Remove all articles of clothing from floors and wash in hot water. Using a steam/vapor cleaner go over all areas of the mattress. Do not move the steamer wand to quickly over the mattress, but instead move approximately one inch every second. Steam the entire top and sides of the mattress, flip mattress by leaning against a wall and steam the underside of the mattress. Continue in the same manner on top, sides and bottom of the box springs.

Apply steam over all areas of the headboard, footboard, frame(rails), and wheels as well. After the entire bed and bedding has been steamed, vacuum all areas as well. Allow any damp spots to air dry and put a cover over the mattress for future protection if desired. Before making the bed it is important to steam around all baseboards, furniture and windows, including blinds.

After thoroughly steam cleaning the entire room, vacuum to remove any bedbugs and eggs that may be seen or unseen. Remember to steam and vacuum between all cracks and crevices on walls as well as the folds of the mattress. When the entire room is clean, the bed linens can be replaced. If there are bedbugs are found in other rooms of the house (often found in sofas), repeat the previous steps throughout each room.

Steam Clean Kitchen Tile And Grout In Four Easy Steps

Steam Clean Kitchen Tile And Grout In Four Easy Steps

The grout on the kitchen tile is easily susceptible to grease build up which can be a tedious cleaning project when using harsh chemicals. The chemicals are terrible for the environment as well as bad for the grout. Over time the toxins in the chemicals can cause the grout to begin cracking and holding more grease, grime and germs. The easiest way to clean kitchen grout is with a hand held steam cleaner. The steam cleaner will remove built up dirt, grease, mold and odors without scrubbing.

Items Needed:
Soft terry cloth towels
Hand held steam cleaner

Step 1:
Using a detail nozzle on the vacuum cleaner, vacuum loose food or other particles from the counter tile.

Step 2:
Add water (tap or distilled) according to the steam cleaner recommendations. Do not overfill the container.

Step 3:
Point the nozzle toward the grout while pulling the trigger for the release of steam. If you are steaming wall as well as counter tile and grout, start with the wall sections first.

Step 4:
Wipe each area with a terry cloth towel or sponge after steaming to remove any water. Wiping the area while steaming will help to remove all of the dirt and grime that has been loosened by the steam.

Continue with steps 3 and 4 until entire tile area is clean. If your steamer has a soft bristle brush as one of the attachments, this will help to remove the grease and dirt without having to repeat steps in certain spots. Using a steam cleaner once each month will prevent the kitchen tile from getting a buildup of grease, germs and dirt as well as will help to keep the kitchen disinfected without using chemicals.

Steam Cleaning The Bathroom Walls And Ceiling

Bathroom walls get splashes of dirt and germs on a regular basis as does the ceiling. Both of these areas are parts of the bathroom that often gets neglected during regular cleaning, however, corners of walls and ceilings are havens for dust, grime, mold and germs to build up. A quick cleaning with the steam cleaner will remove any mold or dirt and leave the bathroom smelling clean and fresh.

Items Needed:
Hand held steam/vapor cleaner
Detail nozzle
Soft cloth mopping attachment
Dry cloth or sponge

Step 1:
Fill unit with water according to the systems directions, put on the detail nozzle attachment, plug unit in and wait for water to heat up.

Step 2:
Starting with the area where the wall and ceiling meet as well as the corners of the walls, aim steam with detail nozzle into the areas.

Step 3:
Wipe dry with a cloth or sponge as each area is steamed to prevent build up of water.

Step 4:
Remove the detail nozzle and replace with soft mopping attachment.

Step 5:
Starting at one section of the room, slowly steam each section of the wall wiping dry with cloth or sponge. Do the ceiling first and follow with each wall until completed.

Following these steps once per month will keep the bathroom ceiling and walls from getting a build up of germs, dust and mold.

Steam Cleaning The Bathroom: Part 6 of 6 The Bathroom Floor

The bathroom is one of the most traffic areas in the home. The dirt and grime builds up in the grout making the floor look extremely dirty regardless of how often it is cleaned. A mop and harsh chemicals will only spread the dirt around from one spot to another and the cleaners smell strong as well as are harmful to the family members and the environment. A hand held steam cleaner will completely remove, not simply move, the grime, germs, bacteria and mold.

Items Needed:
Steam/vapor cleaner
Soft mop attachment
Soft bristle brush attachment
Dry cloth
Latex gloves ( if mold is present)

Step 1:
Fill the water container with water according to directions. Attach bristle brush attachment, plug in unit and let water heat up.

Step 2:
Starting with the grout between tiles (if floor is wood or linoleum skip this step), move the brush along the grout at the rate of one inch per second.

Step 3:
Dry with soft cloth as you are steaming the grout area.

Step 4:
Remove the bristle brush attachment and replace with the soft cloth mop attachment.

Step 5:
Slowly apply steam/vapor to small sections of the floor and wipe with cloth as you go along to remove any excess water.

To prevent the build up of grime, germs and mold in the bathroom follow the previous steps at least once per week. If there is a build up of mold in the corners or grout, there may be a need to repeat the steaming process two to three times before continuing to remove all mold.

Steam Cleaning The Bathroom: Part 5 of 6 Cleaning The Sink

A bathroom gets a tremendous amount of use on a daily basis so the unseen build up of germs and bacteria can be harmful to your families health. If the sink gets a thorough cleaning at least once per week and a good wiping down after every use it will stay clean, shiny and germ free. For the weekly cleaning use a hand held steam/vapor cleaner to remove the bacteria, germs and grime.

Items Needed:
Hand held steam/vapor cleaner
Detail nozzle for steam cleaner
Soft dry cloth or sponge

Step 1:
Fill the tank with water according the systems directions. Attach detail nozzle, plug in and allow water to heat up.

Step 2:
Direct the detail nozzle and steam towards the faucet, paying close attention to the area with caulking next to the sink basin. Remember to spray behind the faucets as well.

Step 3:
With a dry cloth or sponge wipe away the excess water as you are steaming.

Step 4:
After entire sink has been steamed/vapor wipe all areas with dry cloth to make the sink shine.

Follow these steps once each week to prevent germs and bacteria from building up.

Steam Cleaning The Bathroom: Part 4 of 6. Inside and Outside The Toilet

Every week the majority of people grab the latex gloves and smelly toxic cleaner to clean the toilet. This dreadful task can be much less difficult as well as more sanitary with a steam/vapor cleaner. Toilet cleaners have terrible smells, are very toxic to the family as well as the environment, do not work very well without scrubbing and cost a fortune. A hand held steam cleaner gets the built up stains, smells, germs and bacteria out in one cleaning session.

Items Needed:
Hand Held Steam/Vapor Cleaner
Detail Nozzle for steamer
Soft bristle brush attachment
Gloves (optional)
Dry, soft cloth or sponge

Step 1:
Fill water tank on steam/vapor cleaner with distilled water according to unit directions. Plug the system in and let the water heat up.

Step 2:
Starting with the bowl of the toilet, direct steam/vapor under the rim using the detail nozzle. If necessary repeat the steam process until the rim and bowl are clean.

Step 3:
Using the detail nozzle aim the steam at the seat and lid, wiping dry with a soft dry cloth or sponge.

Step 4:
Direct the steam/vapor at the section of the bowl that separates the bowl from the tank. Make sure to provide sufficient steam to the area where the bolts attach the seat.

Step 5:
Direct steam/vapor to the tank area and wipe dry with cloth or sponge.

Step 6:
With the detail nozzle and soft bristle brush, lightly scrub around the base of the toilet. Apply sufficient amounts of steam/vapor to remove the build up urine and other grime that builds up on floor area of the toilet base.

Step 7:
Spray the base of the toilet and wipe entire area, including the floor around the bottom , with a dry soft cloth or sponge.
Repeat these steps at least one time each week to prevent the build up of grime and to keep germs as well as bacteria at bay.