How To Steam Clean The Bathroom: Part One of Six

Shower Tile
An average household will usually have a little dust here and there which can be ignored, but when the bathroom is dirty and grimy it cannot be ignored or overlooked. A steam cleaner will take a grimy, gritty bathroom and make it sparkle as well as remove any germs and/or bacteria. The bathroom should receive a thorough cleaning at least once per week but, if the family is large or gets used a lot it should be cleaned more frequently.

To keep the bathroom clean and sanitary there are several tips that can utilized for making the heavy cleaning less intense. Each time the shower is used wipe the walls and tub with a cloth to reduce the amount of buildup. If there are shower doors they should be towel dried as well and the sink area should be wiped out on a daily basis. When the day of the week rolls around for the thorough bathroom cleaning the following instructions will make the task go quickly and efficiently. Start with the tile in the shower and tub area then work your way around the room until the entire room is sparkling clean and free of germs/bacteria.

Items Needed:
Steam cleaner
Detailing nozzle attachment
Small bristle attachment (stainless or stiff brush)
Mop or squeegee attachment
Soft cloth
Environment safe bathroom cleaner (optional)

Cleaning The Tile
Step 1: fill the container on a hand held steam cleaner with water (preferably distilled). Plug the unit in and allow the water to heat up.

Step 2: Using the steam cleaner with detailing nozzle and small bristle attachment, start with the grout and gently run the brush over each section of grout to loosen the soap scum and grime.

Step 3: Work in small sections at a time in order to thoroughly clean each area.

Step 4: Using the soft cloth, as you go over a section of grout with the steam cleaner, wipe excess water away.

Step 5: After the grout has been completely cleaned, change attachment to the mop head or squeegee attachment and go over the entire tile area a section at a time.

Step 6: Wipe the tiles with a soft dry cloth as you are steaming to remove excess water and to make the tile shiny.

The steam cleaner will remove all grime, germs and bacteria when you work in small sections at a time, however, for areas that have extreme build up using an environmentally friendly cleaner will help to break up areas with a lot of build up.

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