Steam Cleaning The Bathroom: Part 6 of 6 The Bathroom Floor

The bathroom is one of the most traffic areas in the home. The dirt and grime builds up in the grout making the floor look extremely dirty regardless of how often it is cleaned. A mop and harsh chemicals will only spread the dirt around from one spot to another and the cleaners smell strong as well as are harmful to the family members and the environment. A hand held steam cleaner will completely remove, not simply move, the grime, germs, bacteria and mold.

Items Needed:
Steam/vapor cleaner
Soft mop attachment
Soft bristle brush attachment
Dry cloth
Latex gloves ( if mold is present)

Step 1:
Fill the water container with water according to directions. Attach bristle brush attachment, plug in unit and let water heat up.

Step 2:
Starting with the grout between tiles (if floor is wood or linoleum skip this step), move the brush along the grout at the rate of one inch per second.

Step 3:
Dry with soft cloth as you are steaming the grout area.

Step 4:
Remove the bristle brush attachment and replace with the soft cloth mop attachment.

Step 5:
Slowly apply steam/vapor to small sections of the floor and wipe with cloth as you go along to remove any excess water.

To prevent the build up of grime, germs and mold in the bathroom follow the previous steps at least once per week. If there is a build up of mold in the corners or grout, there may be a need to repeat the steaming process two to three times before continuing to remove all mold.

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