Steam Cleaning The Bathroom: Part 5 of 6 Cleaning The Sink

A bathroom gets a tremendous amount of use on a daily basis so the unseen build up of germs and bacteria can be harmful to your families health. If the sink gets a thorough cleaning at least once per week and a good wiping down after every use it will stay clean, shiny and germ free. For the weekly cleaning use a hand held steam/vapor cleaner to remove the bacteria, germs and grime.

Items Needed:
Hand held steam/vapor cleaner
Detail nozzle for steam cleaner
Soft dry cloth or sponge

Step 1:
Fill the tank with water according the systems directions. Attach detail nozzle, plug in and allow water to heat up.

Step 2:
Direct the detail nozzle and steam towards the faucet, paying close attention to the area with caulking next to the sink basin. Remember to spray behind the faucets as well.

Step 3:
With a dry cloth or sponge wipe away the excess water as you are steaming.

Step 4:
After entire sink has been steamed/vapor wipe all areas with dry cloth to make the sink shine.

Follow these steps once each week to prevent germs and bacteria from building up.

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