Steam Cleaning The Bathroom: Part 3 of 6. The Bathtub

It seems as though no matter how often the bathtub gets scrubbed there is also soap scum or a ring remaining. Using harsh chemicals is harmful to both your family and the environment as well as being very expensive. Over time the use of chemicals will remove the smooth surface of the tub resulting the germs and grime being more difficult to remove. The use of a steam cleaner will remove the germs, bacteria, soap scum and years worth of build up.

Items Needed:
Hand Held Steam/vapor Cleaner
Detail Nozzle For Steaming
Soft Dry Cloth

Step 1:
Fill the water container on the steam/vapor cleaner with distilled water. Plug the unit in and allow the water to heat up.

Step 2:
Direct the steam using the detail nozzle to the shower head. Making sure to move the nozzle slow enough around the back where it meets the wall to get the unseen grime that has built up.

Step 3:
With the detail nozzle direct the steam at the back of each faucet, where the faucet and wall meet. Slowly apply steam/vapor to the hot/cold water dial and the spicket.

Step 4:
Using a soft, dry cloth wipe the excess water and loosen grime while steaming the faucet and shower head area.

Step 5:
Using the detail nozzle direct the steam/vapor to the overflow section of the tub and wipe dry with soft cloth.

Step 6:
Using the detail nozzle spray the steam/vapor over the entire surface of the tub, using a cloth to dry excess water as you go along. For areas that have extreme build up, there may be a need to go over the area a couple of times to completely remove grime.

Following the above steps once each week will prevent the build up of germs and grime. The process can be completed more than once each week, however, if the tub is wiped with a clean, soft cloth after each the tub will stay clean when steamed on a regular basis.

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