Steam Clean a Car During a Water Ban Using Less Than A Gallon Of Water – Optima Steamer Review

This video shows how to steam clean an entire Cadillac CTS with less than a gallon of water. Cool because it shows the comparison between trying to wash it with a pressure washer and traditional methods.

Notice how clean the person stays when using the pressure washer.

The unit pictured is an “Optima” which is a high pressure, high heat unit. It produces a lot more volume and has a lot more “oomph” to it as you can see by the amount of steam. If you’re going to detail whole cars professionally, this is the type of unit you want to buy.

It’s especially handy in area where they have a water ban.

I believe these units are made in Korea and go for $4,000 – $5,000.
Quite an investment, but if you do this for a living I could see where this could come in handy.

Here’s a great review of the unit from a pro detailer – HERE

Haan HS-20 Handheld Steamer Review

Here is a review of the Haan HS-20 “tea pot” style steamer.
These low capacity steamers are pretty handy to use and have a lower cost than some of the “wheeled” units.

Haan HS-20 teapot

Haan HS-20

Haan is a Korean company that makes a few different steam cleaning machines. The HS-20 is the number one selling tea pot style steamer currently on amazon so that has got to tell you something.

Basic Features:

* Lightweight, easy to hold in your hand
* Heats up in about 3 minutes; 15 minutes per fill (about 6 ounces of water – distilled water if you can!)
* Comes with an attachment for steam ironing your clothes, window cleaner, extension nozzle and brushes

First off, the instructions leave a little to be desired. They are a bit vague along with looking like they were translated by a machine. If you’re familiar with the term “Engrish” you’ll know what I mean.

But alas, it’s not too complicated. Simply fill the unit,turn the cap to get it locked down securely and let the little mini “pressure cooker” heat up.

Remember that this is not the world’s biggest unit, so try and conserve your steam. Some people have the tendency to hold the trigger down continuously causing it to run out fast but this is usually unnecessary. You’ll still have to wipe what you steam. So steam, wipe, steam, wipe – seeing how much is left as you go along.

Works great on the stove top, underneath the fridge, around the toilet seat, yard kids toys and the high chair. Anywhere you might not want to spray with chemicals or in nooks and crannies  you just can’t reach. The steamer blows out dirt from hard to reach places (toilet seat hinges anyone?). Remember to use the various brush attachments to help you scrub. You’ll need more than steam to clean the stove top, the steam loosens the dirt and the brush helps scrape it off.

accessories for haan hs-20

The unit is no miracle worker, but works as advertised giving a about 10-15 minutes of steam. Considering the cost at about $60 on amazon I feel you’re getting your money’s worth.

For a little more power I would consider the McCulloch MC 1275 steamer at around $80 which I’ll be reviewing shortly.

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