How To Use Steam To Clean Disinfect The Refrigerator

Refrigerators are a haven to germs and excess food build up. When there is food spills in the drawers and shelves in a refrigerator it can lead to germs that can cause numerous viruses from the bacteria. To safely clean and disinfect the refrigerator use a hand held steam cleaner to clean in the crevices of a refrigerator where germs and bacteria can seep into and build up. The steam clean is also excellent for removing food odors that build up in the refrigerator and can lead to other food items have a bad taste or odor. Keeping the seal clean will also help to maintain the correct temperature in the refrigerator and freezer to prevent excessive energy use.

Items Needed:
Hand held steam cleaner
Sponge or cloth

Step 1:
Fill the water container on the steam cleaner and set the temperature to low setting. Allow the water to heat up.

Step 2:
Remove all shelving and drawers.

Step 3:
Aim steam at the corners and work out. Wipe each area following steaming to remove the excess grime. Clean top, sides and bottom of the inside of the refrigerator.

Step 4:
Using the detail nozzle, aim the steam on the door seal to remove the buildup of food and germs. Wipe with clean and soft cloth while steaming.

Step 5:
Steam the shelves and drawers, wiping clean and dry with a soft cloth. Replace drawers and shelving.

Step 6:
Remove the guard (if possible) from the bottom of the refrigerator and clean by directing the steam into the grates and wipe dry. Replace on refrigerator.

Step 7:
Remove any magnets, decorative items from the top, front and sides of refrigerator .

Step 8:
Using the steam cleaner and soft cloth attachment, clean the top, sides and front of refrigerator and wipe dry.

To maintain the seals, keep odors and germs out of the refrigerator repeat the previous steps once each month.

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