Steam Cleaning The Bathroom Walls And Ceiling

Bathroom walls get splashes of dirt and germs on a regular basis as does the ceiling. Both of these areas are parts of the bathroom that often gets neglected during regular cleaning, however, corners of walls and ceilings are havens for dust, grime, mold and germs to build up. A quick cleaning with the steam cleaner will remove any mold or dirt and leave the bathroom smelling clean and fresh.

Items Needed:
Hand held steam/vapor cleaner
Detail nozzle
Soft cloth mopping attachment
Dry cloth or sponge

Step 1:
Fill unit with water according to the systems directions, put on the detail nozzle attachment, plug unit in and wait for water to heat up.

Step 2:
Starting with the area where the wall and ceiling meet as well as the corners of the walls, aim steam with detail nozzle into the areas.

Step 3:
Wipe dry with a cloth or sponge as each area is steamed to prevent build up of water.

Step 4:
Remove the detail nozzle and replace with soft mopping attachment.

Step 5:
Starting at one section of the room, slowly steam each section of the wall wiping dry with cloth or sponge. Do the ceiling first and follow with each wall until completed.

Following these steps once per month will keep the bathroom ceiling and walls from getting a build up of germs, dust and mold.

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