Steam Cleaning The Bathroom: Part 2 of 6 Shower Doors And Mirrors

Shower doors and the mirrors in bathrooms are tough to get completely streak free when using traditional cleaners. The usual products used contain ammonia and other harmful, toxic ingredients that can be harmful to the family members that inhale the during and after using them. A hand held steam cleaner will quickly remove soap scup and bacteria, including mold from the shower doors as well as the mirrors found in a bathroom.

Items Needed:
Steam/vapor Cleaner
Detail nozzle
Squeegee attachment
Soft dry cloth

Step 1:
Fill cleaner with water according to machine directions. Attach detail nozzle attachment, plug in and let water heat up.

Step 2:
Starting at the areas where the metal casing meets the tub and joins the glass, direct the steam into all grooves and caulking areas.

Step 3:
Wipe excess water away with dry cloth while steaming each area.
Step 4:
Attach the squeegee attachment and slowly steam/vapor small sections of the glass at a time.

Step 5:
Using a dry cloth wipe away all excess water from the steam as each area is completed. When entire door has been steamed, wipe with dry soft cloth to remove water missed during cleaning.

Step 6:
Clean the mirror with the squeegee and wipe dry with soft dry cloth.

Repeat the above steps at least once per week to prevent buildup of soap scum, germs and bacteria.

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