How To Steam/Vapor Clean The Inside And Outside Of An Oven

One of the worst parts of cleaning a kitchen is the oven. The entire job can be completed in only a few steps with a steam/vapor cleaner and the attachments designed to help with oven cleaning. Cleaning the oven requires heat, not scrubbing to clean and disinfect. The steam cleaner is safe for electric and/or gas stoves.

Items needed:
Steam/vapor cleaner
Brass or stainless scrubbing attachment
Soft dry cloth
Vacuum cleaner

Step 1:
Remove all racks from inside of the oven.

Step 2:
Vacuum out any loose food or other debris from inside the oven.

Step 3:
Add water to the steam/vapor cleaner and let the water heat up.

Step 4:
Using the detail nozzle with small brass, nylon or stainless brush attached, lightly scour the interior of the oven using steam and the small brush. Steam small sections and wipe with soft cloth or sponge to remove excess. Clean all areas inside of the oven before cleaning the door and glass. If there are areas with excessive build up that are difficult to remove, spray a small amount of environmentally safe degreaser and re-steam.

Step 5:
Using the detail nozzle and small brush clean the inside metal of the door and wipe clean with sponge or soft cloth.

Step 6:
Change the brush to the window squeegee and clean the oven window. Wipe excess with soft cloth or sponge.

Step 7:
Using the detailed nozzle, spray the steam/vapor on the top of range and wipe with cloth. The electric burners can be removed and lightly sprayed and wiped dry. For gas ranges, remove the cast iron plate and place on a dry towel to catch debris while steaming. Wipe dry and replace.

Step 8:
Steam and dry the oven racks and plate bibs before replacing.

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