Steam Clean a Car During a Water Ban Using Less Than A Gallon Of Water – Optima Steamer Review

This video shows how to steam clean an entire Cadillac CTS with less than a gallon of water. Cool because it shows the comparison between trying to wash it with a pressure washer and traditional methods.

Notice how clean the person stays when using the pressure washer.

The unit pictured is an “Optima” which is a high pressure, high heat unit. It produces a lot more volume and has a lot more “oomph” to it as you can see by the amount of steam. If you’re going to detail whole cars professionally, this is the type of unit you want to buy.

It’s especially handy in area where they have a water ban.

I believe these units are made in Korea and go for $4,000 – $5,000.
Quite an investment, but if you do this for a living I could see where this could come in handy.

Here’s a great review of the unit from a pro detailer – HERE

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