Steam Cleaning The Bathroom: Part 4 of 6. Inside and Outside The Toilet

Every week the majority of people grab the latex gloves and smelly toxic cleaner to clean the toilet. This dreadful task can be much less difficult as well as more sanitary with a steam/vapor cleaner. Toilet cleaners have terrible smells, are very toxic to the family as well as the environment, do not work very well without scrubbing and cost a fortune. A hand held steam cleaner gets the built up stains, smells, germs and bacteria out in one cleaning session.

Items Needed:
Hand Held Steam/Vapor Cleaner
Detail Nozzle for steamer
Soft bristle brush attachment
Gloves (optional)
Dry, soft cloth or sponge

Step 1:
Fill water tank on steam/vapor cleaner with distilled water according to unit directions. Plug the system in and let the water heat up.

Step 2:
Starting with the bowl of the toilet, direct steam/vapor under the rim using the detail nozzle. If necessary repeat the steam process until the rim and bowl are clean.

Step 3:
Using the detail nozzle aim the steam at the seat and lid, wiping dry with a soft dry cloth or sponge.

Step 4:
Direct the steam/vapor at the section of the bowl that separates the bowl from the tank. Make sure to provide sufficient steam to the area where the bolts attach the seat.

Step 5:
Direct steam/vapor to the tank area and wipe dry with cloth or sponge.

Step 6:
With the detail nozzle and soft bristle brush, lightly scrub around the base of the toilet. Apply sufficient amounts of steam/vapor to remove the build up urine and other grime that builds up on floor area of the toilet base.

Step 7:
Spray the base of the toilet and wipe entire area, including the floor around the bottom , with a dry soft cloth or sponge.
Repeat these steps at least one time each week to prevent the build up of grime and to keep germs as well as bacteria at bay.

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