Do It Yourself Jewelry Steam Cleaner

Here is a nice little video I found on using an old espresso machine from goodwill, purchased for about $5.

With a little modification it can used to clean all your jewelry, just like the pro’s do.

Check out your local goodwill ebay or craigslist.

steam cleaner from eBay

Fully functional Espresso Machine - $1

Plus, it still makes espressos!

Cleaning Vehicle Wheels And Tires With A Steam Cleaner

One of the dirtiest and often times most difficult area of a vehicle to clean is the wheels and tires. The wheels are tires are the primary collection areas for mud, dirt, brake fluid and tar. When the tires are dirty it can effect the way your vehicle comes into contact with the road so it is important to keep them as clean as possible. The use of a steam cleaner and green cleaning product will provide excellent results for the tires and be an environmentally friendly way to keep your vehicle looking new. The following easy to follow step by step instructions will have your wheels and tires looking brand new.

Items needed:

Tire brush


Soft cloth

Brake dust remover/tire cleaner(green earth technologies)

Vapor chief or other high pressured steam cleaner

Step 1: Do an inspection of all the tires and remove any loose debris such as rocks or gravel. While inspecting for loose debris, check to make sure the tire pressure is sufficient in each tire.

Step 2: Turn the pressure to the highest setting on the steam/vapor cleaner and spray wheels and tires to remove excess brake dust, dirt and debris.

Step 3: Spray the wheel, tire and wheel well with a good environmentally safe cleaner such as Brakedust Remover Wheel Cleaner available from Green Earth Technologies.

Step 4: Using the tire brush dip in water and gently wipe the tire to remove excess dirt or tar.

Step 5: Use the sponge to wipe away excess dirt and grime from the wheels.

Step 6: Set pressure on the steam cleaner to a medium setting and spray the entire area to remove all dirt, grime, tar and brake dust.

Step 7: Gently wipe wheel and tire with soft cloth to remove any excess water.

Repeat on each wheel and tire.

Bed Bugs: Using A Steam Cleaner To Get Rid Of Bedbugs

Bedbugs are becoming an epidemic in many households. The infestation of bedbugs is a serious and difficult problem to mend. An infestation can start with a simply purchase from a yard sale or auction when you find a piece of furniture for a great price and get it home only to wake the next day with tiny bites on your body. Bedbugs contrary to popular belief, can live outside of the mattress and/or box springs. They can infest a room or an entire home rather quickly if they are not completely killed.

The bedbugs hide and multiply in dark and isolated places that are often unseen. To stop an infestation of bedbugs the entire house will need to undergo a thorough cleaning. The most effective way to completely eliminate the problem, disinfect and prevent future outbreaks is with steam cleaning. To correctly get rid of all bedbugs and their eggs, start by removing all of the bed linens, including the mattress cover. Wash all of the items in extremely hot water and do not replace until completely through cleaning.

Remove all articles of clothing from floors and wash in hot water. Using a steam/vapor cleaner go over all areas of the mattress. Do not move the steamer wand to quickly over the mattress, but instead move approximately one inch every second. Steam the entire top and sides of the mattress, flip mattress by leaning against a wall and steam the underside of the mattress. Continue in the same manner on top, sides and bottom of the box springs.

Apply steam over all areas of the headboard, footboard, frame(rails), and wheels as well. After the entire bed and bedding has been steamed, vacuum all areas as well. Allow any damp spots to air dry and put a cover over the mattress for future protection if desired. Before making the bed it is important to steam around all baseboards, furniture and windows, including blinds.

After thoroughly steam cleaning the entire room, vacuum to remove any bedbugs and eggs that may be seen or unseen. Remember to steam and vacuum between all cracks and crevices on walls as well as the folds of the mattress. When the entire room is clean, the bed linens can be replaced. If there are bedbugs are found in other rooms of the house (often found in sofas), repeat the previous steps throughout each room.