Four Steps To Clean And Sanitize Granite Countertops

One of the strongest materials as well as attractive for kitchen countertops is granite. Granite is also used as the flooring due to the strength it has for a high traffic area, however, granite can get a build up of dirt, dust, grease and grime on the surface as well as in the grout areas. Purchasing cleaners designed for cleaning granite can be very expensive and harmful to the environment. Using a household steam cleaner will clean all areas of the granite and grout on countertops and/or floors. The pressure from the steam gets all of the particles loose without having to scrub or buy expensive chemical products.

Items Needed:
Steam cleaner
Soft cloth (countertops)
Floor mop cover (floors)

Step 1:
Fill the tank with water according to the directions provided by the manufacture. Remember to fill with water before plugging the steamer in and do not use any additional cleaners.

Step 2:
Using the detail nozzle, steam the grout areas first. Wipe with a soft cloth as you are steaming to remove the buildup in the grout. Do not hold the steamer in one place for long periods of time but, attempt to move the steamer at a rate of one inch per second and hold the nozzle at approximately two inches away from the granite and grout.

Step 3:
Change the steamer attachment to the soft cloth and gently steam the granite. Wipe as you are steaming to prevent the dirt and grime from sitting and building up on the granite.

Step 4:
For a granite floor, follow the same steps as above for countertops, except use the floor mop attachment. Go over the entire floor a section at a time and wipe steam as you go along to prevent build up of water on the floor.

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